iPhone 13

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iPhone 13  128g

Product description:

1、Super advanced dual camera system. Low-light performance can be improved by up to 47%.

2、Film effect mode can automatically from shallow to deep effect, after shooting can also be installed to change the focus.

3、Video playback can last up to 19 hours, and battery life has been greatly improved.

4、It is equipped with a new A15 bionic chip, which supports ultra-fast 5G and has better performance than ever before.

5、The Super Retina XDR display is super colorful and up to 28 percent brighter.

6、The hardness of super porcelain crystal plate is better than that of glass panel, which can be dustproof, splash proof and water resistant.

The iphone's storage needs vary from person to person, Some people need more storage, others just need less. If you're not sure how much storage you need,
consider your current storage usage can help you decide. On your iphone,first go to "Setting" --" General" --" iPhone Storage", then find out how much storage you are using, the service condition and how much storage you have left. But on other smartphones, the route is "Setting" -- "Device" --" Storage Space". If you currently have lots of apps, music and photos, it might be a good idea to opt for more when you run out of storage space. If you don't use much storage, rarely download apps or take many photos, the iphone with less storage might be better for you.

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